AGGIORNAMENTI: “Call for manifestations of interest” concerning the “Edizione nazionale delle opere musicali di Giuseppe Tartini”


Bärenreiter – manifestation of interest

Edizione nazionale delle opere musicali di Giuseppe Tartini

Call for manifestations of interest



To whom it may concern


with ministerial decree of December 20, 2017 of the Italian MIBACT (Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e turistiche) the Complete edition of the musical works by Giuseppe Tartini has been recognized as “Edizione nazionale”.

Preparation work is under way, led by an editorial committee including:


prof. Sergio Durante (University of Padua, ITA – General editor)

prof. Federico Guglielmo (Conservatorio di musica “F. Venezze”, Rovigo ITA)

Milada Jonasova (Czech academy of sciences, Prague, CZ)

Metoda Kokole (Slovenian academy of sciences, Lubiana, SLO)

Agnese Pavanello (Schola cantorum basiliensis, Basel, CH)

prof. Pierpaolo Polzonetti (University of California at Davis, CA., USA)

prof. Neal Zaslaw (Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., USA)


The research work leading to the preparation of the edition is supported and hosted by DISLL, (Università di Padova, Dipartimento di studi linguistici e letterari, Piazzetta G. Folena 1, 35137 Padova, Italia).


The plan of the edition is presented in this websibe at the URL.


Music Publishing Houses of international profile and distribution are invited to manifest their interest in the realization of this project in written form with a letter addressed to the general editor, prof. S. Durante (

The letter manifesting interest should contain a statement of intention with respect to the project as a whole, as well as elements for the evaluation of the future partnership.

In particular the scholarly committee will need to evaluate the following points:


  1. Previous experience of the publishing house with complete editions
  2. Marketing policies and distribution tools of the house
  3. Ability to provide in-house editing control (note that the engraving and first level editing will be taken care by the editorial committee and by the individual volume editor/s)
  4. Previous experience in pre-publication subscriptions (with quantitative details)
  5. Extent of the contribution to publication expenses that the publishing house asks to the editorial committee (more precisely: two estimates, respectively for ‘small’ volumes of less than 150 pages, and for large volumes of more than 250 pages).


This letter (or a scanned original signed by the responsible officer within the publishing house) must be received within 15 days of the publication of the present announcement which has been posted online on 01.06.2018.


The editorial committee will get in touch with the interested parties within one month after the publication of the post with a reply, be it positive or negative.